Firefox 4 Beta has landed

I mentioned last week on Twitter that I had been using the Fx4.0 alpha at home in preparation for the Fx4.0 Test Day (last Friday) and how impressed I was with it. Apart from the extra space saved from removing the title/menu bar the browser felt obviously faster and more stable than previous alpha and […]

Enable broken image placeholders in Firefox

Something that has always bugged me about Firefox is that if it encounters a broken image it doesn’t display an image place-holder. Instead it displays the alt attribute as in-line text. This can cause problems if your primary development browser is Firefox, as you may not notice broken images on a page. For a while […]

Firefox 3.6 Released

Just in case any of you have missed it, Mozilla have just released version 3.6 of popular web browser Firefox. You can grab a copy over at or by ‘checking for updates’. There are lots of great updates in this release and pretty much all add-ons are supported so I advise you all to […]

Happy 5th Birthday Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is 5 years old today! Version 1.0 of the popular open source web browser was unleashed upon the world November 9th 2004 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Currently on version 3.5 Firefox has gained huge following over the years (including yours truly) and is currently chasing the heals of […]